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Экономический обзор
Administrative Division
History. The Cheliabinsk Region was formed on January 17, 1934. The administrative division of the territory of the Region began in the 18th century. In its present boundaries the Cheliabinsk... Territory
Location. The Cheliabinsk Region is situated on the border of Europe and Asia, in the southern part of the Urals Mountains and the adjoining plain. Weather. The Cheliabinsk region is... Economy
The Cheliabinsk region enjoys all necessary premises for economic growth and is one of the constituents within new economy structure of the country. To develop such regions is priority of the Russian... Metallurgy
The Metallurgical complex accounts for 241 enterprises, including 45 large and medium-sized ones that output 59% of total industrial volume Ferrous Metallurgy The main target of the ferrous... Machine-building
Machine building is one of the key branches of the Cheliabinsk Region economy. Its specific share in the total industrial output comprised 16,7% in 2002. The machine building staff is 162 thousand... Conversion of the Defense Enterprises
There are about 30 enterprises and organizations of defense industrial complex in Cheliabinsk region. They comprise 13 enterprises belonging to the state including 3 enterprises of Atomic Energy... Fuel and Energy Complex
Fuel and energy complex is represented by electric power generating industry, coal mining, the fuel industry, trunk pipeline transport. There is a tendency for growth in energy consumption,... Agriculture
The total area of the arable land in the Cheliabinsk Region is 4,8 million hectares as of 1st January 2002, of which 3.0 million are under cultivation. Rural population comprised 674 thousand people... Small Business
The government of the region pays much attention to the problems of the small-scale business support. The main purpose of the state small business support policy is to establish the economic and... Mineral Resources
Cheliabinsk Region abounds in diverse mineral resources. More than 300 deposits have been explored on the territory of the Cheliabinsk Region. Ferrous and copper-zinc ores, gold, fire-resistant... Finances
Banks. The existing network of credit institutions consists of 13 regional banks along with their 51 affiliate branches and additional offices within the Cheliabinsk region; there are also 21... Transport
Air transport There are two airports in the region; one is located in Chelyabinsk, the other - in Magnitogorsk. During the period of 2002 the airports of Chelyabinsk region have dispatched 198,3... Communications
In 2002 year the total volume of service rendered to organizations is estimated (without value added tax) as 4144,5 million roubles including services for population - 2528,1 million roubles. In... The Investment activity state support
The Administration of the Cheliabinsk Region regards the growth in the investment activity as one of its priority objectives. According to the Russian regions investment rating carried out by the... Investment projects received by the Government of Chelyabinsk region in 2001, 2002
№ Date Name Project Address, manager Required sum... Economic Ties
General Situation. The Cheliabinsk Region has well-developed economic ties with other regions - federal subjects, as well as with CIS and foreign countries. 1. As of 01 January 2003 there... International Programs.
The Cheliabinsk region was selected as a participant in "Nuclear Cities of Russia" within the framework of intergovernmental agreement (Russia - USA) to carry out "Nuclear Cities... Budget and Taxes
Financial status of the Cheliabinsk Region is quite propitious. In 2002 the Region transferred 14,8 billion roubles of the tax revenues to the Federal budget. Budget Highlights of 2002... Services
Administration of the Cheliabinsk Region facilitates further up-growth of life standards and prosperity of the people. Average monetary income per capita a month in 2002 was 3039,2 thousand rubles in... Cultural Life
The Cheliabinsk Region boasts of 3 concert companies and 12 theatres. Amongst these there are well-recognized in Russia and abroad Cheliabinsk Academic Drama, Cheliabinsk Ballet and Opera Hall, Drama... Education
The system of public education in the Region is represented by a wide range of institutions, which meets the educational and professional requirements of the people in the Cheliabinsk Region.... Biggest Companies of the Region
1. Open Joint Stock Co "Magrnitogorsk Iron and Steel Integrated Works" (general director - Rashnikov V.P.) 93 Kirov St., Magnitogorsk 455002 phone: (3519) 24-30-04 fax:...


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